Innovative Scientists Talk About Their Childhood (13): David Hu and his mom and squishy food

Here’s David Hu talking about watching his mom make squishy food—an experience that, when he was a child, excited David in a way that led to his eventual unusual career. David uses math and physics—and experiments—to try to understand some of the seemingly simply, scientifically mystifying things that happen in nature every day. ABOUT THIS […]

When seafood scientists became food-poisoned by their own holiday seafood

Having failed to perish, they proceeded to publish. Serendipity and not-careful-enough cooking technique by Norwegian shellfish scientists (for their own Christmas gathering) led to a nasty illness for two-thirds of their group, which led to a biomedical investigation, which led to a published scientific study about it all, which led to a report in […]

A look back at George Goble’s prize-winning barbecue quick-ignition triumph

A look back (a news report, on Oct 9,1996, via the Wayback Machine) at the Ig Nobel Prize for fastest way to ignite a barbecue. (An additional, until-now untold aspect of the story: The university’s administration was proud of this, then years later suddenly decided to be frightened of mentioning it, then eventually became again proud […]

Cooking up a weapon: Kangri for the angry

Warfare breeds ingenuity of a sort: “Use of Kangri (A Traditional Firepot) as a Weapon,” Arsalaan F. Rashid, Rifat Fazili, and Akash D. Aggarwal, Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 2014. (Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College and Govt. Medical College, […]

Study: Hold the Chicken (for 10 minutes, if you like)

Another breakthrough discovery about students, cooked chicken, and short time duration: “Analysis of the Effect That Holding Time Has on the Perceived Sensory Quality and Acceptability of Poached Chicken,” Gregory S. Jones, Anderson Bouton, Krystal L. Jones, Andrew C. Cauble, Lightsey Laffitte, Paul Dawson, Julia Sharp & Margaret D. Condrasky, Journal of Culinary Science & […]

Anyone for fried lice?

As many a mainstream media outlet has noted, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has recently released a 200 page book which lays out the case for encouraging entomophagy – especially amongst somewhat resistant Westerners. ‘Edible insects : Future prospects for food and feed security’. Unfortunately for those inspired to investigate […]