Alexander Semenov and Alexander Semenov, and their works

One Alexander Semenov makes beautiful photographs of worms deep in the ocean. The other Alexander Senenov invents spectacular devices, one of which is a method to use the waste products produced by the crew of a battle tank, stuffing those waste products into explosive shells that the tank fires at an enemy. See if you […]

Four-headed worms, six-legged frogs, and other new fauna

“We have four-headed worms, six-legged frogs, and many other unusual creatures here as part of our work on bioelectricity and organ regeneration.” Biologist Michael Levin said that. Charles Choi explains, in an article in LiveScience under the headline “Mutant tadpoles sprout eyeballs on their tails“. BONUS: “What the Frog’s Eye Tells the Frog’s Brain” BONUS: “Two legs, […]

Migraine: Worms for her, please!

Migraine is the subject of a report by Dr Katherine Foxhall [pictured here] in the Wellcome Library blog: Houseleeks and Garden Worms … Since I began researching the history of migraine three years ago, I have been just as intrigued by the recipe books in the Wellcome Library’s manuscript collections… Jane Jackson’s book is a great example. She carefully compiled her […]

Medical reasons not to ingest living earthworms and geckos

There can, this report implies, be definite medical reasons not to ingest living earthworms and geckos: “Visceral larva migrans associated with earthworm and gecko ingestion: a case report,” Tao Yu1, Li-Na Zhao, Miao-Jing Fan, Huan Wu and Qi-Kui Chen, Journal of Medical Case Reports, epub July 18, 2012, The authors, at Sun Yatsen University, Guangzhou, […]