A blood-y good documentary from the 1950s

Hemo the Magnificent is a documentary about the human blood circulatory system. Directed by Frank Capra for the Bell Telephone System (for the public good, and for good garnering goodwill), it stars comic actor Sterling Holloway, cartoon voice performers Mel Blanc and June Foray, and two more somber-seeming hosts. Part 1: Part 2: (HT Bella Seaberg) BONUS: By […]

The Ig Nobel Prizes (NHK’s fab documentary)

In 2002, NHK, Japan’s public TV network, made this documentary about the Ig Nobel Prizes. They broadcast it in Japan on Christmas eve, a time when much of the nation stays home, imbibes delicious substances, and watches television. We were told that the broadcast received the largest audience of anything broadcast on NHK during that […]

Higher education: Orgasm info in Australian airspace

The Australian newspaper reports: A cheeky documentary about the female orgasm is raising eyebrows among Qantas passengers. The SBS program The Female Orgasm Explained is available for viewing by all international travellers and features excerpts from old porn flicks, graphics and sound effects that would make conservative commuters squirm. Originally shown on SBS, the French film aims to […]