On Light from Pickles, and Pickle on Light

Two papers for your consideration, with the opportunity to find relationships between them: Light from Pickles (and Other Sources) “Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems,” Bill Hamburgen, Jeff Mogul, Brian Reid, Alan Eustace, Richard Swan, Mary Jo Doherty, and Joel Bartlett, Western Digital Laboratory Technical Note TN-13, April 1, 1989. (Thanks to Richard Holstein for bringing […]

Puzzle-Puddle-Pickle Problem / Duke York

This is Part 2 in our Problems with Non-Chinese Pickles series, a companion to our Problems with Chinese Pickles series (which, through a baffling scheduling re-arrangement, will appear here at a distant point in the future). A study from Indiana University picks at a pronounced pickle of a puzzle: “The Puzzle-Puddle-Pickle Problem and the Duke-of-York […]