Reinforcing bitumen-based road surfaces with waste from plastic wigs [study]

“Synthetic hair wigs are made from modacrylic fibers that are synthesized to look and feel same as real hair. The fibers have the potential to return to their original shape by spraying it lightly with water and heating from underneath. Moreover, synthetic fibers do not keep odours and do not react to weather condition as […]

Influence of personality and fatalistic belief on South African taxi driver behaviour

  Are you one of those who believes that, when it comes to South African taxi drivers, road accidents are pre-destined, and not as a result of individual’s driving behaviour? If so, your beliefs could be erroneous – according to the results of a newly published study undertaken by Dr. Bright Mahembe (University of the […]

Wombat Crossing

Question : How do bare-nosed wombats cross roads? Answer : ‘Bare-nosed wombats (Vombatus ursinus) use drainage culverts to cross roads.’ (See: Australian Mammalogy, 2013, 35 , pp. 23–29.) At least they do in this vicinity of Thunderbolt’s Way, near Nowendoc on the Northern Tableland, North-Eastern New South Wales, Australia, where researchers found that: “The estimated probability […]

Road-line-painting Machines and Road Kills

Behold a common but seldom-mentioned form of historic preservation: animal carcasses painted-over on roadways. Cars on highways collide with and kill millions of animals, all over the world (though in Antarctica it happens rarely). Small animals, especially birds, can go unnoticed as they lie beside a road, in the forest or on the hard shoulder. But […]