Headline Power: Wine + Cheese + Cognitive

A new press release demonstrates how to draw attention (as yours is drawn right now) to a press release by including the words “wine”, “cheese”, and “cognitive” in the headline: Diet modifications — including more wine and cheese — may help reduce cognitive decline, study suggests Date: December 10, 2020 Source: Iowa State University Summary: […]

The entomologist who seduced malaria mosquitoes with cheese

“Bart Knols, the entomologist who seduced the mosquito mosquito with cheese” says the headline of this Telemetro [Panama] profile of Ig Nobel Prize winner Bart Knols and his innovations against malaria. The 2006 Ig Nobel Prize for biology was awarded to Bart Knols (of Wageningen Agricultural University, in Wageningen, the Netherlands; and of the National Institute for Medical […]

Phase separation of cheese fondue – and what can be done about it [new study]

“The irreversible phase separation of fondue is a common issue and has ruined countless dinners.” This state of affairs has been compounded by the fact that : “Many half-truths persist in Swiss kitchens on how to prepare the perfect fondue.” So explain Pascal Bertsch, Laura Savorani, and Peter Fischer of the Institute of Food Nutrition […]

McSweeney’s ‘Cheese Problems Solved’

Anyone with cheese problems might consider reading the book Cheese Problems Solved, edited by Paul L.H. McSweeney, published by Elsevier in 2007. McSweeney is a Professor of Food Chemistry in the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College, Cork, Ireland. Readers of cheese detective stories might especially relish the report “How May the ‘Toad-Skin’ and Cat-Hair’ Defects […]

Stinky-feet-and-cheese researcher’s research gets new attention

Ig Nobel Prize winner Bart Knols‘s sure-footed malaria-mosquito research is featured in a new Discovery Channel documentary called “Mosquito.” The New York Times celebrates “Mosquito,” contrasting it with the “frivolous” Shark Week films that the TV network is famed for: “Deadlier Than Sharks: A Documentary Spotlights the Mosquito.” Here’s a promotional chunk of the film: Knols and Ruurd […]