The creative art of Chinese pickled vegetables

Chinese-Pickled-Vegetable-AConsider, if you will, the creative art of Chinese pickled vegetables. If time is short, then you may save a great deal (of it) by checking out a thesis from 吳倍毓 (Pei-ju Wu) of the National University of Tainan, Taiwan. It’s entitled : ‘Creative art of Chinese pickled vegetable ─ A Discussion on the Creative Originality of the Chinese Pickled Vegetables Image in Matou District, Tainan City.’ [Note: very slow .pdf download, c. 73MB]

The richly illustrated paper not only describes (in Chinese) “ […] the promotion of lane of Chinese pickled vegetable by county government.” but also “[…] illustrates the thought of creation and the faith stemmed from Chinese pickled vegetable.” It concentrates particularly on the use of mascots used to promote sales of pickled vegetables – see photo above (pickled cabbage girl).

BONUS: A short photographic tour of pickled vegetable production at ‘Sauerkraut Lane’ (know more formally as Lane 29, Renai Rd., Madou, Tainan) which is cited in the thesis, can be found here.