Fock: Performance of Candlestick Analysis

A researcher named Fock, together with some colleagues, throws water on a financial investment practice called “candlestick analysis”: “Performance of Candlestick Analysis on Intraday Futures Data,” J. Henning Fock, et. al., Journal of Derivatives, Fall 2005, Vol. 13, No. 1: pp. 28-40. The authors write: “Many practitioners use technical trading in derivatives markets, especially futures. […]

The Bowler Hat as a banking icon

How has the Bowler Hat featured as part of the iconography of the banking industry? For answers, turn to Jane Davison, BA (Liverpool), MA, PhD (London), FCA, FHEA, who is Professor of Accounting at the Royal Holloway, University of London. The professor’s paper on the subject ‘Icon, iconography, iconology Visual branding, banking and the case […]

Pole Dancers and Stock Brokers

What psychological / philosophical concept might serve as a way to connect these two photos – featuring pole dancers and stockbrokers? One answer, a surprising one according to authors Karina Paludan Nielsen and Kristina Stockunaite (who recently participated in the MSocSc in Social Science in Service Management programme at Copenhagen Business School) is ‘Flow’ [for […]

Investment hint from Ig Nobel Prize winner Gideon Gono

Exciting investment news from Zimbabwe: Every now-nearly-worthless 100-trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill might, just might, soon be worth more than 100 trillion US dollars. Eyewitness News reports: [President Robert ] Mugabe urged people who still have worthless Zimbabwe dollars not to tear them up, as they will be compensated. Central Bank chief Gideon Gono told Mugabe […]

The risk of regulating risk, they write calculatingly….

Finance puzzles many people. This new study may make finance less puzzling, or more puzzling, or both: “Any Regulation of Risk Increases Risk,” Philip Z. Maymin [pictured here] and Zakhar G. Maymin, arXiv:1004.1670v4, April 20, 2012. The first author identifies himself as Assistant Professor of Finance and Risk Engineering at NYU-Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, New York. The second author […]

Ig Nobel winner Lehman Brothers “escapes bankruptcy”

Lehman Brothers, a company that shared the 2010 Ig Nobel Prize in economics, has made a spectacular rise into imminent oblivion. A Reuters report in the Oman Daily Observer tells the new details: Lehman escapes bankruptcy NEW YORK — One-time financial powerhouse Lehman Brothers emerged from bankruptcy and is now a liquidating company whose main business […]

How to disassemble a skyscraper but not its neighborhood?

In the race to top the top, to build a tall building that’s at least momentarily taller than all the other tallest buildings, a two-part question lingers. These towers are so costly, and the real estate market so unpredictable, that one or more of these buildings could turn out to be financial failures. Then might arise […]