LEGO sets as investment assets [study]

This is the first study to investigate the investment properties of LEGO as an alternative asset class from micro- and macro-financial perspectives that overcomes many survivorship bias limitations prevalent in earlier research. Explains author Savva Shanaev of Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, in a 2020 paper for the Journal of Risk Finance, Volume 21 Issue 5. The […]

Officials shut down source of dirty, prize-winningly dirty money

A notedly bacteria-friendly currency was targeted by counterfeiters who themselves were targeted by Romanian government officials. “Romanian officials shut down largest counterfeiter of polymer notes” trumpets a headline in Coin World, on July 13, 2020. The report goes on to say: “Romania’s Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) released the news… Raids on […]

Associations: Financial Analysts’ Beauty and their Performance [new study]

Looking for advice on your investment portfolio? If so, you might be able to gain an advantage by making sure that your financial advisor is (generally considered to be) physically ‘attractive’. According to a new study published in the journal Management Science, they tend to give better advice than their less alluring colleagues. “In this […]

Predicting the stock market from photographs in the financial-press (new study)

If you’re inclined to make bets on the stock market, you’ll be at a considerable disadvantage if you don’t have a tight grip on so called ‘investor sentiment’ – in other words a reliable way of being able to judge the current ‘mood’ of the market. But, in practice, it’s notoriously difficult to gauge accurately. […]

Sizes of cash prizes for science awards (up to $ ten trillion)

ABC News compared the amount of money given to various prize winners. Their report bears the headline “Chart of the day: How cash prizes for prestigious science awards stack up against reality television winners.” They include this remark: But spare a thought for those who receive Ig Nobel Prizes. The awards — honouring achievements that make […]