LEGO sets as investment assets [study]

This is the first study to investigate the investment properties of LEGO as an alternative asset class from micro- and macro-financial perspectives that overcomes many survivorship bias limitations prevalent in earlier research. Explains author Savva Shanaev of Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, in a 2020 paper for the Journal of Risk Finance, Volume 21 Issue 5. The […]

The facial of technology: If it’s super-complicated, it’s impressive!

[WARNING: What you are about to read is super-complicated.] The most complicated technology is the most impressive technology! That idea fuels some of technology’s most impressive investment and marketing campaigns. You can see it in action, and judge its worth, when you look at Faceception. What is Faception? Faception is a company. Faception is a technology. Faception is an exciting […]