The facial of technology: If it’s super-complicated, it’s impressive!

[WARNING: What you are about to read is super-complicated.]

The most complicated technology is the most impressive technology! That idea fuels some of technology’s most impressive investment and marketing campaigns. You can see it in action, and judge its worth, when you look at Faceception.

What is Faception? Faception is a company. Faception is a technology. Faception is an exciting investment opportunity. Faception says its machine can detect a person’s personality by looking at that person’s face. The Faception web site explains:

We reveal personality from facial images at scale to revolutionize how companies, organizations and even robots understand people and dramatically improve public safety, communications, decision-making, and experiences.

Faception has an impressive “Theory Behind the Technology”. That theory is based on complicated logic that’s based on complicated interpretations of complicated research observations.

You may find that Faception’s complicated logic that’s based on complicated interpretations of complicated research observations is the very most impressive thing about Faception. Here’s Faception’s explanation of The Theory Behind the Technology:

FaceptionFaceThe face can be used to predict a person’s personality and behavior. This claim relies on a combination of two known research observations:

1. According to Social and Life Science research personalities are affected by genes.

2. Our face is a reflection of our DNA

While these type of affirmations are quite recent, in Chinese history, there have been people that have studied the “mapping of the face” for thousands of years

If all this does not impress you, there is something wrong.

BONUS: Here’s video of the company’s founder making a “pitch” for investors. Prepare to be impressed:


(Thanks to Andy Aaron for bringing this to our attention.)