The most attractive navel position – where is it exactly?

“The aim of this study is to analyze the navel position and shape of the worldwide top model/celebrities recognized as top 2013 bikini models to determine references for ideal navel shape and positioning and to find potential clinical translation.”

– explain authors Giuseppe Visconti, Emiliano Visconti, Lorenzo Bonomo and Marzia Salgarello regarding their 2015 navel-based research paper for the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Their study comprised three parts,

○ A quantitative study of the navel surface anatomy in 81 top 2013 bikini models by analyzing four proportions:

○ An analysis of navel shapes in 81 top 2013 bikini models was recorded and classified based on previous study of Craig SB et al.

○ An on-line survey via made of seven multiple-choice questions, involving 1,682 invited people unaware of our concepts in navel aesthetic. [see photo]


The most attractive navel position is located at the xiphoid–umbilicus : umbilicus-abdominal crease golden ratio. Bony landmarks seem to be not reliable as references for proper navel positioning. The use of the Fibonacci (golden mean) caliper intraoperatively might aid in proper positioning of the navel in abdominoplasty.” [our hyperlinks]

As mentioned above, the team not only examined the ‘most attractive position’ but also the general morphology of the navel :

“The vertical oval shape, the presence of superior hooding, and the absence of protrusion are the main features that make a navel attractive for human eyes, confirming conclusions from other navel shape studies.”

See: Concepts in Navel Aesthetic: A Comprehensive Surface Anatomy Analysis, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, February 2015, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 43-50

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