High Precision Glass Polishing with Ketchup

Catching up with recent research, possibly the only research, on using ketchup to polish glass: A new study takes the process to new levels of precision. The study is: “High Precision Glass Polishing with Ketchup,” Max Schneckenburger, Stefan Schiffner, and Rainer Börret, Proceedings of the SPIE 11478, Seventh European Seminar on Precision Optics Manufacturing, 114780F, […]

Lynn loves ketchup

“Julia loves raspberries” was by the first in our series of celebrations of solicitation bots. We receive many varieties of an all-too-frequent kind of “hey editor” solicitation. Here’s another from the growing collection: hey Marc, Hope you’re having a good day, sorry to interrupt you :) I’m emailing because I found a page on your […]

Towards avoiding ketchup drip

“In contrast with simple liquids such as water, milk, honey, which easily flow as a continuous jet when poured from a vessel, pasty materials such as mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, puree, etc., fall by fits and starts in a wide range of flow rates.” One of the very few formal studies to investigate such fits and […]