High Precision Glass Polishing with Ketchup

Catching up with recent research, possibly the only research, on using ketchup to polish glass: A new study takes the process to new levels of precision. The study is: “High Precision Glass Polishing with Ketchup,” Max Schneckenburger, Stefan Schiffner, and Rainer Börret, Proceedings of the SPIE 11478, Seventh European Seminar on Precision Optics Manufacturing, 114780F, […]

Jogging on / kitchen-sinking into muck

In this video for New Scientist, Chris Chiswell jogs on the non-Newtonian fluid known as cornstarch-mixed-with-water, until he stops jogging and sinks into it, demonstrating the non-Newtonianness of the muck. The ingredients of the goo—cornstarch and water—are commonly found in kitchens, thus this demonstration shows an example of kitchen sinking. (Thanks to investigator Alicia Weston […]