Zimbabwean explains what will happen to bank accounts larger than $175 quadrillion

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the nation’s government bank, which officially controls the nation’s money, announced an end game for the famous Zimbabwean dollars. The dollars earned an Ig Nobel Prize for the bank’s previous president, Dr. Gideon Gono. The 2008 Ig Nobel Prize for mathematics was awarded to Gideon Gono, governor of Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank, for […]

Rumors that Ig Nobel winner Gideon Gono will be Zimbabwe’s next president

Various press outlets in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries are suggesting that Ig Nobel Prize winner Gideon Gono will be the next president of Zimbabwe, if and when Robert Mugabe, the current president, ever leaves office. Dr. Gono recently stepped down from his position as governor of Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank. Dr. Gono was awarded the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize […]

Investment hint from Ig Nobel Prize winner Gideon Gono

Exciting investment news from Zimbabwe: Every now-nearly-worthless 100-trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill might, just might, soon be worth more than 100 trillion US dollars. Eyewitness News reports: [President Robert ] Mugabe urged people who still have worthless Zimbabwe dollars not to tear them up, as they will be compensated. Central Bank chief Gideon Gono told Mugabe […]