Even more applications for graphene (continued)

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Andre Geim (see note [1] below) and Konstantin Novoselov for their groundbreaking experiments regarding the extraordinary properties of two-dimensional carbon. Nowadays, the burgeoning cornucopia of applications is such that a 21st century individual can literally kit themselves from head to toe with accoutrements which feature […]

Six Cups of Coffee Goes to Your Head, for Surgical Guidance [research study]

A special hat filled with six cups’ worth of ground coffee may make it easier for surgeons to succeed at some kinds of nose and throat surgery. This study presents the news: “Coffee: the key to safer image-guided surgery—a granular jamming cap for non-invasive, rigid fixation of fiducial markers to the patient,” Patrick S. Wellborn […]

Prof. Nunna’s graduation mortarboard display holder (New Patent)

Professor Ramakrishna Nunna, [pictured left] who is Dean of the Lyles College of Engineering, US, and Walter Mizuno M.S. [pictured right] who is a lecturer at the college, are the inventors of the world’s first (and newly patented) Graduation mortarboard display holder. (United States Patent 9,468,247, October 18, 2016, assigned to California State University, Fresno […]

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Hanns Hatt and the smell of a woman

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Hanns Hatt (actually, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Med. Habil. Hanns Hatt) of the Department of Cell Physiology at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, is in hot pursuit of understanding — understanding, especially, the many and varied roles played by olfaction. In a word: smell. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Hatt’s home page lists a few of […]

The Bowler Hat as a banking icon

How has the Bowler Hat featured as part of the iconography of the banking industry? For answers, turn to Jane Davison, BA (Liverpool), MA, PhD (London), FCA, FHEA, who is Professor of Accounting at the Royal Holloway, University of London. The professor’s paper on the subject ‘Icon, iconography, iconology Visual branding, banking and the case […]