Conclusion: Nuts

Comes a further advance in the biomedical sciences. Here are the conclusions reported in a study published a few days ago: CONCLUSIONS In two large, independent cohorts of nurses and other health professionals, the frequency of nut consumption was inversely associated with total and cause-specific mortality, independently of other predictors of death. (Funded by the […]

Headline o’ the day: “Brazil Nut Effect Measured in Lunar and Martian Gravity Conditions”

Today’s Headline of the Day appears in The Physics arXiv Blog: Brazil Nut Effect Measured in Lunar and Martian Gravity Conditions The headline concerns the also-intriguingly-headlined study “Granular convection and the Brazil nut effect in reduced gravity,” Carsten Güttler [pictured here], Ingo von Borstel, Rainer Schräpler, Jürgen Blum,” arXiv:1304.0569, Apr 2, 2013. The authors report: […]