Nuts are prevalent in the Journal of Nuts. Some (perhaps all) of its articles have interesting authors. One, at least, of the authors of the following article is notably, almost nuttily prolific. That article is: “How Did Globalization Boost the Nuts Production in Indonesia?” Eko Hendarto, Sandhir Sharma, Maria Jade Catalan Opulencia, Mohammed Khudair Hasan, […]

Conclusion: Nuts

Comes a further advance in the biomedical sciences. Here are the conclusions reported in a study published a few days ago: CONCLUSIONS In two large, independent cohorts of nurses and other health professionals, the frequency of nut consumption was inversely associated with total and cause-specific mortality, independently of other predictors of death. (Funded by the […]

Headline o’ the day: “Brazil Nut Effect Measured in Lunar and Martian Gravity Conditions”

Today’s Headline of the Day appears in The Physics arXiv Blog: Brazil Nut Effect Measured in Lunar and Martian Gravity Conditions The headline concerns the also-intriguingly-headlined study “Granular convection and the Brazil nut effect in reduced gravity,” Carsten Güttler [pictured here], Ingo von Borstel, Rainer Schräpler, Jürgen Blum,” arXiv:1304.0569, Apr 2, 2013. The authors report: […]