Nuts are prevalent in the Journal of Nuts. Some (perhaps all) of its articles have interesting authors. One, at least, of the authors of the following article is notably, almost nuttily prolific. That article is: “How Did Globalization Boost the Nuts Production in Indonesia?” Eko Hendarto, Sandhir Sharma, Maria Jade Catalan Opulencia, Mohammed Khudair Hasan, […]

“Researchers retract a paper because it turns out not to be about bullshit”

Retraction Watch reports: Researchers retract a paper because it turns out not to be about bullshit …a group of environmental scientists in China…  lost their 2019 article on soil contamination because what they thought was manure was in fact something else. The article, titled “Immobilization of heavy metals in e-waste contaminated soils by combined application […]

“Journal to retract article from 2000 that plagiarized one from 1984”

In digging up material for a book, I ran across a pair of quasi-identical articles on an unusual topic. The articles were so similar that I sent word to our friends at the Retraction Watch web site, who dug into the history of those articles. Today, Retraction Watch published their report about those two reports: […]

Can you tell, by looking at this photo, whether this scientist is dead?

A medical study that says people can predict whether someone is dead merely by looking at a photo of that person has itself been killed. The journal that had published the article has now retracted it. The Retraction Watch blog explains: Some people can look at an old photograph of a person — say, of your grandmother in […]