The Bowler Hat as a banking icon

How has the Bowler Hat featured as part of the iconography of the banking industry? For answers, turn to Jane Davison, BA (Liverpool), MA, PhD (London), FCA, FHEA, who is Professor of Accounting at the Royal Holloway, University of London. The professor’s paper on the subject ‘Icon, iconography, iconology Visual branding, banking and the case […]

Economists’ advice for bank robbers

When economists train their sights on robbers, the point traditionally is to study those who loot on the grandest, most legal scale and who are called “financiers”, and also (if there be consulting fees) to assist those persons. Economists Barry Reilly [pictured here] of the University of Sussex, and Neil Rickman and Robert Witt of the University of Surrey, went against […]

Ig winner Hsieh is found

2007 Ig Nobel Economics Prize winner Hsieh Kuo-cheng — who was feared to be dead or missing — is alive and well. And apparently, he is pleased at winning an Ig Nobel Prize. A November 5 Taipei Times article reports: Ig Nobel winner talks inspiration Imagine this: A robber goes into a bank with a […]