The effect of beer foam on resisting beer spills

Beer foam, as a subject of experimental inquiry, will be on tap at a physics meeting next week: Abstract: H16.00009: “Damping of liquid sloshing by foams: from everyday observations to liquid transport“ 67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Sunday–Tuesday, November 23–25, 2014; San Francisco, California, Session H16: Free-Surface Flows V: General, […]

Instant beer: The birth of a notion

Along with jetpacks and hose-down-able houses, food in pill form has been perennially one of those futuristic advances that is just around the corner. 65 years before Willy Wonka’s three-course-meal chewing gum, German scientists brought us desiccated beer — according to the Indian Medical Gazette, summarized here in the New York Medical Journal [July 22, […]

Chemical Effect of Beer Marinades on Charcoal-Grilled Pork

Some chemists, or perhaps many chemists, or perhaps no chemists, may feel obligated to revise their views on certain effects of certain marinades on certain substances, if they read this study: “Effect of Beer Marinades on Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Charcoal-Grilled Pork,” Iria Yebra-Pimentel [pictured here], Elena Martínez-Carballo, Jesus Simal-Gandara, and Isabel M. […]

The man who drank enough beer to drown 275 men

This unattributed piece in the Brooklyn Medical Journal (1888) (Volume 1, No. 5, pp. 406-408), reporting on C.A. Crampton’s magisterial USDA report on beer, wine and cider adulterants, contains several odd comparisons. First we learn that Americans’ consumption of beer has risen tremendously since the Van Buren administration, though it still lags that of competitors. […]

Japan reports: Beer mitigates radiation damage?

Drinking beer may mitigate some of the dire medical effects of radiation, say many hope-filled twitterings from Japan. Radiation is much on people’s minds because of the recent earthquake-induced nuclear power-plant problems. Discussion centers on a 2005 report from Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences. (HT Mark Schreiber.) The report is written in Japanese. A […]

Guinness bubble/widget followup: limerick

A followup to yesterday’s post about “Beer bubble appreciation in Limerick“: Martin Eiger, the Limerick laureate, points to a Technology Review article about the new Guinness Stout beer bubble study. Tech Review notes that the study authors, who are mathematicians at the University of Limerick, and opens with this headline: “Mathematicians Reinvent The Beer Widget […]