Exponential beer froth decay – disputed

Arnd Leike of the University of Munich was awarded the 2002 Ig Noble Physics prize for demonstrating that beer froth obeys the mathematical Law of Exponential Decay. [Reference “Demonstration of the Exponential Decay Law Using Beer Froth,” Arnd Leike, European Journal of Physics, vol. 23, January 2002, pp. 21-26.] Since then, investigations into the decay […]

Perishing science

How does the lifetime of, say, a cat compare to the lifetime of, say, a Tau Lepton? For answers, turn to The Ian Ramsey Centre for Science & Religion at the Theology Faculty of the University of Oxford, where Father Dr. Andrew Pinsent MA, DPhil, PhB, STB, PhL, PhD has investigated (amongst many other things) […]