The impact of a quality table cloth in a restaurant [new study]

Does a high quality (e.g. fabric as opposed to paper) tablecloth affect customers’ enjoyment of a meal in a restaurant? Surprisingly perhaps, up until 2019, this question had not been scientifically examined. But now a team from the Department of Food Science, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and the Center for Food and Hospitality […]

Beijing restaurant gives medical professionals discounted food for thought

China Daily reports: Lancet restaurant gives medical professionals food for thought When Feng Shangqing published a paper in a scientific journal, she was simply hoping it would prove beneficial to her medical career. She certainly didn’t imagine that the article would provide her with a discounted treat at a barbecue restaurant in Beijing. The physician, […]

Comes the revolution in disposing of chewed gum in restaurants

An invention gives restaurant diners a possibly elegant way to dispose of their chewed chewing gum, and gives restaurants a new means of advertising themselves or anything else. The invention was marketed under the name “Gumvelope.” A patent application tells how Gumvelope works: “Chewing gum disposal system,” US patent application US20090294321A1, Rebeca Craig, filed June […]

Nauseated restaurant criticism

Restaurant reviews, some of them — especially the reviews written by non-professionals — have taken on new importance. They can be a means of identifying illnesses that otherwise go unreported to health officials. Mary McKenna (who is sometimes known professionally as “Scary Disease Girl”), writing on The Plate blog, explains: Yelp Helps NYC Health Department Track Foodborne […]