Further findings from rectums: A look back at what was in behinds

Barry Petchevsky performed his annual data-gathering exercise “What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year?” in Deadspin: All reports are taken from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits, and they are occasionally not for the faint of spirit…. GOLF BALL PEANUT BUTTER JAR SPRAY BOTTLE CURTAIN ROD “STUCK A TOY UP […]

And Now, a Needle in the Rectum (podcast #97)

What do doctors do when they find a needle in a patient’s rectum? A research study explores that very question, and we explore that study, in this week’s Improbable Research podcast. SUBSCRIBE on Play.it, iTunes, or Spotify to get a new episode every week, free. This week, Marc Abrahams discusses a published oh-look-there’s-a-needle-in-this-patient’s-rectum study. Yale/MIT/Harvard biomedical researcher Chris Cotsapas lends his voice, and his scientific expertise, and his opinions —with dramatic readings from a research […]

Boys Will Be Boys: Eat or Be Eaten, and a Pestle

What’s the deal with people who yearn to eat or to be eaten — to literally consume, or to literally be consumed — during sex. And what’s a good example of an early medical report about a pestle found in a rectum? Those questions are addressed in studies that are profiled (in the column “Boys Will Be Boys: […]

The swallowed objects amassed by Chevalier Jackson

The Mutter Museum has, among its protected treasures, one of Philadelphia’s largest collections of swallowed (and eventually retrieved, by medical personnel) objects. (Thanks to Paige Williams for bringing this to our attention.) The museum explains: Chevalier Jackson Collection Chevalier Jackson, MD (1865-1958), was a renowned Philadelphia otolaryngologist and Fellow of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. […]

Anal probe: parsnips, pigs’ tails & lots more

In 1995, the Ig Nobel Prize in literature was awarded to two surgeons who painstakingly assembled a study called Rectal Foreign Bodies: Case Reports and a Comprehensive Review of the World’s Literature. Those case reports involve, among other items: seven light bulbs; a knife sharpener; two flashlights; a wire spring; a snuff box; an oil […]