Boys Will Be Boys: Eat or Be Eaten, and a Pestle

What’s the deal with people who yearn to eat or to be eaten — to literally consume, or to literally be consumed — during sex. And what’s a good example of an early medical report about a pestle found in a rectum? Those questions are addressed in studies that are profiled (in the column “Boys Will Be Boys: […]

Male Scientists Demonstrate that Ejaculated Fluid is Conceivably Dual-Use

Three male scientists (all of them humans) go to great lengths to demonstrate that females (at least if they are flies) can, should they want or need to, regard ejaculate as a dual-use fluid. Their study is: “Elucidating the function of ejaculate expulsion and consumption after copulation by female Euxesta bilimeki,” Christian Luis Rodriguez-Enriquez, Eduardo […]