The hardness of Nintendo, calculated

Computer scientists will, perhaps more deeply than others, appreciate the hardness of several computer games produced by the entity called Nintendo: “Classic Nintendo Games are (NP-)Hard,” Greg Aloupis, Erik D. Demaine [of whose recent work, more here], Alan Guo, arXiv:1203.1895v1, March 9, 2012. “We prove NP-hardness results for five of Nintendo’s largest video game franchises: Mario, […]

“No-crap craps: crapless craps done right”

For intellectual property enthusiasts: “No-crap craps: crapless craps done right,” US patent application # 2006/0043671 A1, filed August 30, 2004 by Stuart N. Ethier. Here’s how Ethier summarizes his innovation: “Crapless Craps, a game that has existed for more than 20 years, is a modification of standard craps designed to eliminate the possibility of the […]

A little numbers game

Investigator William J. Maloney received the following note. It maybe be of interest as a harbinger of what scientists will be doing for the next several years: Dear William, From where I sit, small is big. In my work at Boston College, I focus on developing nanotechnology-inventions so small they are measured in nanometers: billionths […]