Could this new, chair-based invention “Make America Fun Again” ?

This device has just received a US patent (April 24, 2018) – can you guess its function?

It’s not only a (semi) conventional fold-up chair – it’s also the basis of a number of tailgating, beach, BBQ and Family Games.

“The present disclosure relates to a chair with game features. The chair can function as a conventional folding chair used at outdoor events, and can also function as a game that can be played at such outdoor events. By combining multiple features into one compact package, the chair is space-saving and easily transported. The chair is uniquely designed to provide an enhanced tailgating experience, by providing room to rest, and a gameplay area into a combined package.”

See: US Patent 9,950,230 “Chair with game features”.

Here is an explanatory video from the inventors, whose declared (singular) goal is to “Make America fun again!”