An analysis of CEO shirking (at the golf course)

CEOs of high-profile (e.g. S&P 1500) corporations are sometimes tempted to shirk their duties. One quite well-tried method of shirking is to leave the office for the day and play golf instead. Thus, as an observer, if you take the position that shirking might in general hamper business performance, an extrapolated question can be asked […]

Updated index of new patents for golfballs (Sept. 2012)

The GolfBall Index maintained headway into positive territory again this month – virtually equalling August’s promising figures. September 2012 ended with almost one dozen new US patents for golfballs. • Golf ball core with soft outer transition volume and negative hardness gradient • Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient outer […]

The Golfball Index (UPDATED: April 2012)

See previous index for January, February, and March 2012. The Golfball Index maintained its recent  lacklustre performance during April 2012. As in the previous month, there were only 7 new US golfball patents. • Thick inner cover multi-layer golf ball • Three-layer-core golf ball having highly-neutralized polymer outer core layer • Multi-piece golf ball comprising […]

Introducing – The Golfball Index

Each month sees in a batch of new US patents for golfballs. Can their numbers serve as a pointer for estimating the ongoing condition of human ingenuity? An Improbable Investigation. The Golfball Index moved back into positive territory in February 2012, with 9 new US golfball patents being granted. This represented a 350% increase over […]