Extraocular Phototransduction: more than meets the eye? (part 2)

We recently drew attention to the 1998 discovery at Cornell regarding the possibility of tweaking one’s cicadian rhythms by shining a bright light at the back of one’s knees. But continuing research into extraocular (outside the eye) light stimuli has turned to the possibility of a more direct route. Why not shine a light directly […]

A blueprint for (almost) everything

Physicists, philosophers and artists who have been struggling to understand the intricacies, enigmas and counterintuitivenesses of the structure of the universe now have a new resource which might help them – a ‘Useable Electromagnetic Blueprint of the Structure of Space’. For which a company called Hyperspace Pty Ltd (headed by inventor Christopher Heyring of Eagle […]

Updated list of new patents for golfballs (Dec. 2012)

The number of new US golfball patents fell back to disappointingly average levels this December – down almost 28% on November’s figures. • Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from HNP compositions • Low lift golf ball • High performance golf ball having a reduced-distance • Multi-piece golf ball comprising low hardness […]

Updated index of new patents for golfballs (Nov. 2012)

November 2012 saw a higher-than-average number of golfball-related patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. There were no less than 11 new golfball concepts – an improvement of nearly 38% on last month’s lacklustre figures. • Golf ball having moisture barrier layers made from polyolefin compositions • Multilayer core golf ball having hardness […]

Updated index of new patents for golfballs (Sept. 2012)

The GolfBall Index maintained headway into positive territory again this month – virtually equalling August’s promising figures. September 2012 ended with almost one dozen new US patents for golfballs. • Golf ball core with soft outer transition volume and negative hardness gradient • Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient outer […]

Your machine as a rule of thumb

If you don’t know how to build a machine that accomplishes as much as a Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus Machine — the all-in-one machine described here yesterday ‚ just get some ready-made plans. The self-noted inventor William D. Jenson has generously formulated a set of plans, which he placed on his web site along with […]