A blueprint for (almost) everything

SpaceTimePhysicists, philosophers and artists who have been struggling to understand the intricacies, enigmas and counterintuitivenesses of the structure of the universe now have a new resource which might help them – a ‘Useable Electromagnetic Blueprint of the Structure of Space’. For which a company called Hyperspace Pty Ltd (headed by inventor Christopher Heyring of Eagle Bay, Australia) has recently applied for patents in the US, and more than 150 other countries (via the World Intellectual Property Organization )

The invention not only provides unique insights regarding the multi-dimensional topology of electromagnetic fields but also touches on the Theory of Everything, dark matter, and the elusive Higgs bosun [sic]. Inherent complexities make it hard for Improbable to succinctly summarise the text, but here is one sentence from the patent application which might help to clarify :

“A useable electromagnetic blueprint of the structure of space, comprising a modular form described as a geometrical body having a main central axis and four outer points perpendicularly disposed around the main central axis, and the distance between the four outer points being the same as, the length of the main central axis, such that the four outer points describe a square half way along and around the main central axis thereby describing a figure with six points, four lines of the same length extended from each end of the main central axis to the four outer points and four hyperbolic paraboloid minimal surfaces thereby being defined between the said eight lines arranged radially around the main central axis, thereby defining a modular volume to be called a first hyperhedral unit such that four additional second hyperhedral units may be contiguously and perpendicularly arranged around the first hyperhedral unit, and such further third hyperhedral units may be close packed around the second hyperhedral units and such that the arrangement may be repeated in the same manner in each direction to describe a modular matrix which may be used for various purposes such as tools to analyze aspects of the hyperhedrally defined structure of space in terms of discreet collections and arrangements of hyperhedra.“

More on the Higgs Bosun [sic] here

We strongly encourage readers to persevere and examine the entire patent application, even if it’s only to view and consider the many intriguing diagrams – like this one :


which depicts a ‘magnetic circuit extending around a conductor’, or this one :


showing an ‘alternative connection of perpendicularly arranged conductors.’