Higgs, bosun

Investigator Kurt Verkest sends news of Higgs, bosun. He saw this report in the Seattle PI: Standing in front of the USS Independence in Bremerton, Bud Higgs, a retired Navy boatswain’s mate, holds a picture of the USS Washington. Higgs served on the Washington, a distinguished but little-known World War II battleship. BONUS (unrelated): The […]

A blueprint for (almost) everything

Physicists, philosophers and artists who have been struggling to understand the intricacies, enigmas and counterintuitivenesses of the structure of the universe now have a new resource which might help them – a ‘Useable Electromagnetic Blueprint of the Structure of Space’. For which a company called Hyperspace Pty Ltd (headed by inventor Christopher Heyring of Eagle […]

The elusive Higgs Bosun

The first reference to the search for the Higgs Bosun appeared in the UK’s daily national newspaper The Times on January 12, 2008, in an article, entitled : ’ “It” is still there – Humanity is hard-wired to explore’ which asked : “Does the Higgs Bosun particle exist? The truth is that we have no […]