Is sarcasm the highest form of intelligence?

Well, is sarcasm the highest form of intelligence? According to a new study in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, it may be. The study, called “The highest form of intelligence: Sarcasm increases creativity for both expressers and recipients“, was published by Li Huang, Francesca Gino, and Adam Galinsky. [CAUTION: A different, also recent, study […]

Dishonesty and creativity can spur each other, says study

A little dishonesty can, maybe, in the right hands, used judiciously, be a tool that brings creativity to your business, suggests a study by Professor Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and Scott S. Wiltermuth of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. (The video you see here shows Duke University [and former MIT] professor Dan Ariely, who has […]

“Creativity is worth a thousand words”, and professors of Creativity

Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has recently arranged for advertising billboards to appear in their (and our) neighborhood, featuring the slogan “Creativity is worth a thousand words“. Passersby must be creative in discerning the meaning, if any, of that slogan. Here’s a photo of one of the billboards (atop a building in Porter Square, Cambridge): Creativity At Lesley The […]

Updated list of new patents for golfballs (Dec. 2012)

The number of new US golfball patents fell back to disappointingly average levels this December – down almost 28% on November’s figures. • Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from HNP compositions • Low lift golf ball • High performance golf ball having a reduced-distance • Multi-piece golf ball comprising low hardness […]

Updated index of new patents for golfballs (Nov. 2012)

November 2012 saw a higher-than-average number of golfball-related patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. There were no less than 11 new golfball concepts – an improvement of nearly 38% on last month’s lacklustre figures. • Golf ball having moisture barrier layers made from polyolefin compositions • Multilayer core golf ball having hardness […]

Updated index of new patents for golfballs (Sept. 2012)

The GolfBall Index maintained headway into positive territory again this month – virtually equalling August’s promising figures. September 2012 ended with almost one dozen new US patents for golfballs. • Golf ball core with soft outer transition volume and negative hardness gradient • Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient outer […]