Ball squeezing for enhanced creativity (update)

Ball-SqueezeSome say that squeezing balls can enhance one’s creativity. [for background see: from 2010, Improbable article : ‘Ball squeezing and creativity’] Questions can arise however – such as ‘what kind of balls might work best’ and ‘under what circumstances’? Answers may depend on the kind of creative task in hand, as is postulated in a new paper from JongHan Kim, who is an assistant professor of psychology at Coastal Carolina University, US. See: ‘Physical Activity Benefits Creativity: Squeezing a Ball for Enhancing Creativity’ (Creativity Research Journal, Volume 27, Issue 4, 2015)

“Studies in embodied cognition show that physical sensations, such as touch and movement, influence cognitive processes. Two studies were conducted to test whether squeezing a soft versus a hard ball facilitates different types of creativity. Squeezing a malleable ball would increase divergent creativity by catalyzing multiple or alternative ideas, whereas squeezing a hard ball would increase convergent creativity by facilitating only a single correct response. In Study 1, participants squeezed either a hard ball or a soft ball while completing the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT), a divergent creativity test. The same procedures were used in Study 2 except that the TTCT was replaced with the Remote Associates Test, a convergent creativity test. Participants who squeezed a soft ball generated more original and diverse ideas (Study 1), whereas participants who squeezed a hard ball were better at coming up with a single correct answer (Study 2).”

Note: The squeeze-ball shown in the photo, which is soft, is professor Verna Gillis’s Kick Butt™ ball – profiled here.