“Creativity is worth a thousand words”, and professors of Creativity

Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has recently arranged for advertising billboards to appear in their (and our) neighborhood, featuring the slogan “Creativity is worth a thousand words“. Passersby must be creative in discerning the meaning, if any, of that slogan. Here’s a photo of one of the billboards (atop a building in Porter Square, Cambridge):


Creativity At Lesley

The university has a Creativity Commons.

The commonality of the creativity in the Creativity Commons comes across clearly in the official description: “The Commons is the physical manifestation of a space where ideas generated by faculty from across the university can emerge as actions.”

What does the Creativity Commons value? Documentation: “The Creativity Commons values documentation as a form of assessment offering the opportunity to fuse both the aesthetic and the analytical experience. “

Creativity Elsewhere in Academe

What of other educational institutions, elsewhere? Some of them have professors who are, officially, professors of creativity. Among the more creative of those, one finds:


Professor Perini of Cornerstone

Don Perini [pictured here] is Associate Professor of Ministry and Creativity at Cornerstone University, USA.

Professor Perini’s web site at the university says “His goal is to unleash each student’s creative potential in order to redeem the world through their creative acts” and “Perini and his wife enjoy having students to their home for a meal and party games.”

Professor McLoughlin of Gloucestershire

Nigel McLoughlin180Nigel McLoughlin [pictured here] is Professor of Creativity & Poetics at the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

Professor Ray is a published poet.

Professor Ray

ray-michael-lMichael L. Ray [pictured here] is John G. McCoy-Banc One Corporation Professor of Creativity and Innovation and of Marketing, Emeritus at Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA. 

Professor Ray’s web site at the university says “His best-selling Creativity in Business (with Rochelle Myers) was named, one of the nine ‘Greatest Business Books Ever Written’ byInc. magazine.”

Professor Ray is a trustee of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Professor Friedman of Miami, of Ohio

friedmj2Jim Friedman is Clinical Professor of Creativity at Miami University of Ohio, USA. 

Professor Friedman’s web site at the university says “all will agree on his passion and dedication to sharing the magic of creativity and innovation in everything he does.”