To Push a Tooth

Only a few documented experiments have measured the result of pushing a single tooth at either of two positions along the tooth, for purposes of understanding the brain. Here is one such study: “Forces, movements and reflexes produced by pushing human teeth,” Brendan J.J. Scott [pictured here], Andrew G. Mason and Samuel W. Cadden, Experimental […]

To hasten the birth of a child, apply centrifugal force [Blonsky!]

While some persons in Britain eagerly await the birth of a royal child [if you are one of those persons, see the live webcam provided by The Sun newspaper], we remind you that George and Charlotte Blonsky solved the general problem. Their patent, granted in 1965, is for a device to assist in birthing a […]

Patent for a Jerkmeter

If you study jerks in a formal way, you are probably familiar with jerkmeters. Here’s a comforting treasure, the 1966 patent for one of the most beloved of all jerkmeter designs: 3,230,777 JERKMETER. Jacob Chass, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Robinson-Halpern Company, West Conshohocken, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Filed Dec. 17, 1962, […]

Duck Big Bang Inflation Force Measurement Project

This biology project, called “Force of Duck: Measuring explosive erection“, has a fun fundraising video, and (see the text below the video) speaks for itself, eloquently: A duck pond in the breeding season is like a singles bar on steroids — rife with sexual conflict. Males and females pair off, but male ducks also force sex […]