Podcast Episode #205: “Color Preferences in the Insane”

Color Preference in the Insane, Can Consumers Recognize the Taste of their Favorite Beer?, Effect of Audience Boredom on the Power Hungry, You Never Sleep Alone, Improbable Medical Review, Extracting the Wrong Tooth, and Telephones for Animals. In episode #206, Marc Abrahams shows some unfamiliar research studies to Jean Berko Gleason, Chris Cotsapas, Maggie Lettvin, […]

To Push a Tooth

Only a few documented experiments have measured the result of pushing a single tooth at either of two positions along the tooth, for purposes of understanding the brain. Here is one such study: “Forces, movements and reflexes produced by pushing human teeth,” Brendan J.J. Scott [pictured here], Andrew G. Mason and Samuel W. Cadden, Experimental […]

Looking: A Gift Tooth in the Ear

The BMJ has again given its cheeriest gift to the world — the annual Christmas issue packed with improbable medical specimens. Here’s one of this year’s most toothsome reports: “The Tooth Fairy and Malpractice,” Sian Ludman [pictured here], Hamid Daya, Polly S Richards and Adam Fox, BMJ, 2012; 345. The authors write: “The family spoke of […]

Lee Loveless: Vampire video for tooth care

The perhaps misleadingly-named Lee Loveless [pictured here] works for the UK’s National Health Service [NHS) in the city of Portsmouth. Loveless appears, in words only, in a BBC news report: Vampire video aims to help improve Portsmouth’s teeth A viral vampire video is at the centre of a new dental health campaign in Portsmouth. Inspired […]