Innovative Scientists Talk About Their Childhood (4): David Hu’s Sister Being Born

Here’s David Hu talking about seeing the birth of his sister—an experience that, when he was a child, excited David in a way that led to his eventual unusual career. David uses math and physics—and experiments—to try to understand some of the seemingly simply, scientifically mystifying things that happen in nature every day. ABOUT THIS […]

Concoction again loses the race with reality: The centrifugal birthing device

Yes, you can dream up clever twists of science and technology that are funny. But reality generally manages to get there sooner—and even more twistedly—than even the cleverest of comedians. Here’s yet another example: Here’s the actual patent. Here’s video of the ceremony that included the complete opera about the invention and the inventors. (If […]

Birth-Fluid Dynamics, and the Splashy Hydrodynamics of Urination

Aatish Bhatia (of  Empirical Zeal) alerts us to an outpouring of soon-to-be-announced birth-centric and micturation-modulation fluid dynamics insights. Anne Staples [pictured here], of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, will chair a session on “Pumping Phenomenon“, at the American Physical Society’s 66th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics,in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, […]

To hasten the birth of a child, apply centrifugal force [Blonsky!]

While some persons in Britain eagerly await the birth of a royal child [if you are one of those persons, see the live webcam provided by The Sun newspaper], we remind you that George and Charlotte Blonsky solved the general problem. Their patent, granted in 1965, is for a device to assist in birthing a […]

Counting on: Childbirth and Orgasm

Today’s implicit statistics lesson is contained in a new study: “Childbirth climax: The revealing of obstetrical orgasm,” Thierry Postel, Sexologies, epub May 3, 2013. The author, in Blainville-sur-Mer, France, explains: “Giving birth and feeling an orgasm is a seemingly improbable link. For most women, this notion is perceived as an inconceivable myth. This study, published […]