The effect of centrifugal birthing on an art critic

Rachel Lavin writes in The University Times, about Science Gallery [Dublin]‘s “Fail Better” exhibition: Some of the highlights are Christopher Reeve’s wheelchair, Samuel Beckett’s original manuscript drafts of Westward Ho, and most intriguingly, a human birthing machine that earned itself an Ig Nobel Prize. The machine has been rebuilt for viewing and is available to […]

Concoction again loses the race with reality: The centrifugal birthing device

Yes, you can dream up clever twists of science and technology that are funny. But reality generally manages to get there sooner—and even more twistedly—than even the cleverest of comedians. Here’s yet another example: Here’s the actual patent. Here’s video of the ceremony that included the complete opera about the invention and the inventors. (If […]

To hasten the birth of a child, apply centrifugal force [Blonsky!]

While some persons in Britain eagerly await the birth of a royal child [if you are one of those persons, see the live webcam provided by The Sun newspaper], we remind you that George and Charlotte Blonsky solved the general problem. Their patent, granted in 1965, is for a device to assist in birthing a […]