Computer-Learning-Driven Exercise Suggestions During Meetings

Yet another possible great advance in humanity’s pursuit of both artificial intelligence and meetings: “Machine learned optimizing of health activity for participants during meeting times,” US patent application 20180116599A1, Paul R. Bastide, Filiz Isabell Kiral-Kornek, Dwarikanath Mahapatra, Susmita Saha, Arun Vishwanath, and Stefan von Cavallar, filed November 2, 2016, rights assigned to International Business Machines […]

Which individuals become fatter when they practice exercise? (study)

Professor Jean-Frédéric Brun of the Service Central de Physiologie Clinique, Centre d’Exploration et de Réadaptation des Anomalies du Métabolisme Musculaire (CERAMM), Montpellier, France, has spent almost half of his life writing research or tutorial papers which deal with exercise, fuel metabolism assessment in vivo, and hemorheology. He has recently investigated a paradox which has, surprisingly, […]

Specificity: The effects of these on those

“What, specifically, do you want to know?” is a question no one needs ask about this study. The answer is in the title: “Aggregated Effects of Combining Daily Milk Consumption And Aerobic Exercise on Short-Term Memory and Sustained Attention Among Female Students,” In-Tyng Leong, Sedigheh Moghadam and Hairul A. Hashim [pictured here], Perceptual and Motor Skills, […]

Resonance: Aerobic exercisers shake skyscraper

Resonance is a simple physics concept (which can be expressed in lovely mathematics). Two Korean news reports tell about a recent example: Aerobic exercise blamed for tremor at Techno-Mart A form of aerobic exercise performed by dozens of people caused the vertical vibration felt in certain floors at Techno-Mart, a 39-story shopping mall in Gwangjin-gu, […]