Computer-Learning-Driven Exercise Suggestions During Meetings

Yet another possible great advance in humanity’s pursuit of both artificial intelligence and meetings:

Machine learned optimizing of health activity for participants during meeting times,” US patent application 20180116599A1, Paul R. Bastide, Filiz Isabell Kiral-Kornek, Dwarikanath Mahapatra, Susmita Saha, Arun Vishwanath, and Stefan von Cavallar, filed November 2, 2016, rights assigned to International Business Machines Corp.

The system’s reliability, value, and biomedicotechnocomplexial simplicity may be obvious from this diagram:

The patent explains: “Providing heath activity for a participant in a conference call may include receiving data associated with the conference call and location data specifying a location of the participant conducting the conference call…. The participant’s fitness goal may be identified. Based on the predicted engagement level, the sensor data and the participant’s fitness goal, an exercise for the participant to perform during the conference call may be determined. A notification signal may be transmitted to the participant to perform the exercise.”

(Thanks to Falk Fish for bringing this to our attention.)