Specificity: The effects of these on those

“What, specifically, do you want to know?” is a question no one needs ask about this study. The answer is in the title:

hashimAggregated Effects of Combining Daily Milk Consumption And Aerobic Exercise on Short-Term Memory and Sustained Attention Among Female Students,” In-Tyng Leong, Sedigheh Moghadam and Hairul A. Hashim [pictured here], Perceptual and Motor Skills, epub January 2015. The authors, at Universiti Sains Malaysia, explain:

“This study examined the combined effects of milk supplementation and aerobic exercise on the short-term memory and sustained attention of female students aged 16 yr. (N = 81). The intervention involved serving of 250 ml of regular milk during school days and/or a 1-hr. aerobic exercise period twice per week for 6 weeks. The Digit Span Test and Digit Vigilance Test were used to measure short-term memory and sustained attention, respectively. The combination group (milk and exercise) and exercise group performed significantly better than did the milk and control groups in terms of short-term memory.”