“A psychoanalytic analysis of the superglue phenomenon” – in new book ‘Perspectives on Everyday Life’

In general, we don’t tend to think all that much about everyday things like, say, suitcases, milk, or alarm clocks. But fortunately, some do take the trouble to do so, and then write about it. Take for instance Arthur Asa Berger, who is Professor Emeritus in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State […]

Certain people would really like you to really like certain chocolate milk

Some people are working to persuade you to really like some chocolate milk — a particular brand of chocolate milk. Some other people — many of them doctors and scientists and journalists who write about medicine and science — are working to make you think about whether you should or should not like that particular brand of […]

Human-Milk-Smell Perfume, for the Benefit of Babies

What might be done to encourage babies to accept products which don’t naturally smell of human milk? “[…] babies prefer the odor attributes of human milk compared to those of artificial infant formula or milk products based on milk compositions of animal origin such as cow’s milk etc.” The Fraunhofer Society (owner, amongst much more, […]

Specificity: The effects of these on those

“What, specifically, do you want to know?” is a question no one needs ask about this study. The answer is in the title: “Aggregated Effects of Combining Daily Milk Consumption And Aerobic Exercise on Short-Term Memory and Sustained Attention Among Female Students,” In-Tyng Leong, Sedigheh Moghadam and Hairul A. Hashim [pictured here], Perceptual and Motor Skills, […]

The high-carb milky lifestyle of Inuit infants (1878)

The Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris’s Bois du Boulogne, now a children’s amusement park, was founded in 1860 as one of Europe’s first major zoos. In 1877 the directors followed the lead of Carl Hagenbeck and started incorporating ethnological exhibits, of humans indigenous to the strange lands being opened up by imperialism. These attracted huge crowds as […]

Spanish Medical Folklore: Inducing Milk

A 1910 British medical article about Spanish medical folklore includes some stories about how to induce milk: “Spanish Medical Folklore,” British Medical Journal, October 15, 1910, p. 1168. The unsigned article explains that its information comes from “two articles on Spanish superstitions, by Dr. Martin arrera y Dellunder, which appeared in the Gaceta Medica Catalana of […]