Advice: To chew or not to chew

It is not an absolute, inviolable rule that one should always chew one’s food. Whether or not this Time report is accurate, its advice at the end is basic and good: A fishmonger in southern China found a live bomb inside one of his squid. The man — identified only as Mr. Huang by the Guangzhou Daily — said that while […]

Tea that is of, If Not for, Insects — Its Place in Culture

Some tea news, for thee: “Insect tea, a wonderful work in the Chinese tea culture,” Lijia Xu, Huimin Pan, Qifang Lei, Wei Xiao, Yong Peng, Peigen Xiao, Food Research International, epub January 17, 2013. The authors, at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and at the Ministry of Education, in Beijing, China, explain: “Insect tea… […]

Dumpling Fog in China – a Computer Simulation

Impressive though the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway is (opened  1996) the Zhenjiang branch section does suffer from an occasional meteorological drawback. In the form of ‘Dumpling Fog’. Prompting Yan Mingliang and colleagues at the Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster of Ministry (of Education), Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China, to attempt an algorithmic emulation of […]

Pup joint alert

Pup joints are in the news—an almost unheard of occurrence, because most people have never heard of pup joints. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal trumpets the word: CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE TRIBUNAL INITIATES AN INQUIRY  PUP JOINTS FROM CHINA Ottawa, Ontario, September 13, 2011—The Canadian International Trade Tribunal today initiated a preliminary injury inquiry into a […]

Prices of Eight

How much is 8 worth? Quite a few thousand Yuan, according to new research into Chinese vehicle licence plates. Travis Ka Ho Ng, assistant Professor Department of Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong has completed his latest academic project looking into ‘The Value of Superstitions’. And the results of his investigations – performed […]