How are Ig Nobel Prize-Winning Papers Cited?

The Scite organization analyzed some of what happened to the research papers that won Ig Nobel Prizes. Scite published their analysis (which was led by Mason Hayes) online, in Medium: How are Ig Nobel Prize-Winning Papers Cited? …Though most Ig Nobel research remains relatively obscure, some award-winning work has been highly cited and become quite […]

Banana skins and rabbit cartilage mucus – with an Ig Nobel connection

Kiyoshi Mabuchi, Kensei Tanaka, Daichi Uchijima and Rina Sakai, were jointly awarded the 2014 Ig Nobel Physics Prize for measuring the amount of friction between a shoe and a banana skin, and between a banana skin and the floor, when a person steps on a banana skin that’s on the floor. REFERENCE: “Frictional Coefficient under […]