Catastrophic Snow Globes – who’s shaking who?

At first glance, snow globes might seem trite or trivial objects, however : “[…] on closer reflection, they are revealed to be symbolic realms that provide clues to the desires, dreams, nightmares, and memories of the cultures that produce them.” – explains professor Lindsey Freeman, a sociologist who teaches, writes, and thinks about cities, memory, […]

The high-carb milky lifestyle of Inuit infants (1878)

The Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris’s Bois du Boulogne, now a children’s amusement park, was founded in 1860 as one of Europe’s first major zoos. In 1877 the directors followed the lead of Carl Hagenbeck and started incorporating ethnological exhibits, of humans indigenous to the strange lands being opened up by imperialism. These attracted huge crowds as […]

Detail about the yawning conference

Investigator David F. Austin informs us that the Paris yawning conference has announced details of what will (or at least might) transpire. The world has awaited this information for months now, since the conference was announced. The basics (we remind you) are: Première conférence internationale sur le bâillement First International Conference on Yawning Paris, 24 […]