“Animal Electrocuted at Atom Smasher Gets New ‘Life’ in Morbid Exhibit”

Mindy Weisberger reports, for LiveScience: Deceased animals in a range of compromising poses share cautionary stories of times when wildlife interactions with humans turned deadly — for the wildlife — in the unusual exhibit “Dead Animal Tales” at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam (NHMR) in the Netherlands. Recently, NHMR welcomed a new addition to the […]

A quick look at Improbable bits of TEDx CERN

TEDx CERN Facebook page posted a few photos from today’s event. Here are some of the Improbable people, with accompanying text from that Facebook page: “It’s not usual to have bras thrown into the audience at CERN. Then again, Marc Abrahams is not your usual guy. Marc is the one behind the infamous Ig Nobel Awards and editor […]

Chickens, Consciousness, and the LHC

Dr. Dainis Zeps, a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia, is one of the very few to have investigated “hierarchical multitime notion and of the cone of creation” with reference to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. His paper on the subject, ‘On to What Effect LHC Experiment […]