A quick look at Improbable bits of TEDx CERN

TEDx CERN Facebook page posted a few photos from today’s event. Here are some of the Improbable people, with accompanying text from that Facebook page:

“It’s not usual to have bras thrown into the audience at CERN. Then again, Marc Abrahams is not your usual guy. Marc is the one behind the infamous Ig Nobel Awards and editor of Annals of Improbable Research focuses on research that makes you laugh, then think! You’re never going to look at science research quite the same after his talk.”

Marc-Abrahams-1Maria Ferrante singing songs from Ig Nobel operas: “Some crave coffee that steaming hot! More delightful music from Maria Ferrante!”

Pianist Alice Martelli accompanies Maria Ferrante:



Video will be posted on the TEDx CERN web site.