Nauseated restaurant criticism

Restaurant reviews, some of them — especially the reviews written by non-professionals — have taken on new importance. They can be a means of identifying illnesses that otherwise go unreported to health officials. Mary McKenna (who is sometimes known professionally as “Scary Disease Girl”), writing on The Plate blog, explains: Yelp Helps NYC Health Department Track Foodborne […]

A psychiatrist reviews a science book for kids about excrement

Interesting perspective, you may think to yourself, if you read this noted psychiatrist‘s review of a book about the science related to excrement: The book: From Food to Fertilizer, the Role of Excrement in the Life Cycle, Charles C. Dahlberg, Young Scott Books, Reading, Massachusetts, 1973. The review: “Not So Execrable,” Richard A. Gardner, Contemporary Psychoanalysis […]

Do-It-Yourself Reviewing, Scientificalistically

The Retraction Watch blog tells of a resourceful, if not altogether successful, person. The report begins: South Korean plant compound researcher faked email addresses so he could review his own studies Scientists frustrated by the so-called “third reviewer” — the one always asking for additional experiments before recommending acceptance — might be forgiven for having fantasies […]