Coleopterists review of the surprising bark beetles book

In the new issue of The Coleopterists Bulletin (vol. 77, no. 2, 2023), Sarah M. Smith reviewed the book The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles, by Jiri Hulcr and Marc Abrahams. Here’s part of Smith’s review: The authors’ love of bark beetles is clear and infectious and the reader will likely come away smitten with these tiny beetles…. I […]

Nauseated restaurant criticism

Restaurant reviews, some of them — especially the reviews written by non-professionals — have taken on new importance. They can be a means of identifying illnesses that otherwise go unreported to health officials. Mary McKenna (who is sometimes known professionally as “Scary Disease Girl”), writing on The Plate blog, explains: Yelp Helps NYC Health Department Track Foodborne […]

A psychiatrist reviews a science book for kids about excrement

Interesting perspective, you may think to yourself, if you read this noted psychiatrist‘s review of a book about the science related to excrement: The book: From Food to Fertilizer, the Role of Excrement in the Life Cycle, Charles C. Dahlberg, Young Scott Books, Reading, Massachusetts, 1973. The review: “Not So Execrable,” Richard A. Gardner, Contemporary Psychoanalysis […]