Coleopterists review of the surprising bark beetles book

In the new issue of The Coleopterists Bulletin (vol. 77, no. 2, 2023), Sarah M. Smith reviewed the book The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles, by Jiri Hulcr and Marc Abrahams. Here’s part of Smith’s review:

The authors’ love of bark beetles is clear and infectious and the reader will likely come away smitten with these tiny beetles….

I have studied scolytines since 2006 and over my 16 years of study have spent many hours in conversation with friends and family about bark and ambrosia beetles. Sharing this book will allow them to fully appreciate and understand what makes these tiny little specks of dust that I study so enthralling. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in beetles, natural history and of course, bark beetles. I only wish that the pages of the book were larger to better display the grandeur of the beetles.