The Straight Poop: Sociology of Canadian Donut Shops, Ongoing

The sociology of Canadian donut shops plays out afresh, as described in a New York Post report headlined “Lady poops on restaurant floor, flings it at cashier.” That report includes action video. The 1999 Ig Nobel Prize for sociology was awarded to Steve Penfold, of York University in Toronto, for doing his PhD thesis on the sociology of Canadian donut […]

Pup joint alert

Pup joints are in the news—an almost unheard of occurrence, because most people have never heard of pup joints. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal trumpets the word: CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE TRIBUNAL INITIATES AN INQUIRY  PUP JOINTS FROM CHINA Ottawa, Ontario, September 13, 2011—The Canadian International Trade Tribunal today initiated a preliminary injury inquiry into a […]