A multi-aperture pinhole camera using a biscuit [study]

Dr Patrick Cabe who is a member of the emeritus faculty at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Department of Psychology, is the first to describe how to make a fully functional multi-aperture pinhole camera using a biscuit [‘cracker’ US]. Dr Cabe engaged in a practical demonstration of his camera to (indirectly) view the 2017 […]

The nature and structure of crumpets [research studies]

Remarkably, given the extensive scientific literature on bread-making, there is very little recorded research on crumpet-making. If you’re not familiar with the crumpet, here is an introduction from one of the few formal crumpet studies, performed by Professor Pyle of Reading University, UK, c. 2005. “Crumpets are, it seems, a particularly British product. They are […]

Advertisements for desserts – should they include bite marks?

Those in the business of marketing desserts might be interested in new research from Donya Shabgard at the University of Manitoba, US, who has investigated, possibly for the first time, the influence of an advertisement’s dessert portrayal on consumer perceptions of desirability. Specifically, should advertisements show desserts with a bite taken out of them or […]